From Sketch To Reality

We provide engineering services from product design to turn-key project management, analyzing client requirements and creating custom tailored USV Prototypes. We offer software, electrical and mechanical engineering, asset management, on-site training and commissioning.


Tomorrow's Technology, Today

Product Design

COCKPIT Command & Control Software

Extensive situational awareness, mission planning and execution capabilities allow advanced remote & autonomous maritime fleet management.  

Versatile Communication Mode

Command & Control

Obstacle Detection & Avoidance

Advanced & Extensive Interface

Remote Power Management

Video Reconnaissance

Redundancy Systems

Autonomous Navigation

Route Planning & Learning

Autonomous Target Tracking

PILOT USV Mission Management Software 

Multi-functional management of USV mission operation, fast deployment and interfacing with various types of vessels are obtained due to modular architecture and intuitive controls.


Our Technology

The mobile electronics kits are designed for outfitting existing boats with autonomous and remote control capabilities. Communication systems, control & navigation software, sensors and electronics are integrated in one package. Due to their versatile generic design, the kits can be installed on any vessel types for multiple scenarios.

• Steering, Jet and Throttle Control

• Programmatic Autonomous / Remote Navigation

• Route and Trajectory Planning

• Sophisticated Maneuver Planning

Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance & Object Tracking Software 

Obstacle detection and avoidance is enabled by a 3D LIDAR which emits invisible high-frequency laser beams covering a wide angle sector. As scanning is performed, the system alerts for obstacles.

In each sector, the USV behaves according to obstacle avoidance algorithms.